Nova-Cut Concrete Sawing offer a wide variety of concrete cutting services - large and small. Regardless of where in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley or Central Coast region your job is, and no matter what type of cutting you need done,
Nova-Cut Concrete Sawing have the equipment and the services available.


Road Sawing

Road Sawing

  • Quick and precise cuts on flat concrete or bitumen surfaces such as floors drivewaysfootpaths, suspended slabs and all types of road surfaces. 
  • Depths from 30mm to 800mm deep. 
  • Petrol, deisel or electric cutters. 
  • Primarily used for plumbing and drainage services, electrical conduits and road works.
Electric Road Sawing

Electric Road Sawing

  • Able to perform small or large jobs inside where a petrol saw can not be used due to fumes.
  • Such applications would be inside shopping centres, hospitals and any area where there is a high volume of people. 
  • The electric road saw is able to cut 320mm deep.
Core Drilling / Concrete Drilling

Core Drilling / Concrete Drilling

  • Used to cut precise circular holes through re enforced walls and floors. 
  • Can be used for applications such as electrical conduits, plumber’s pipe work, and for holding bolts for steel erection. 
  • Core sizes ranging from 18mm to 1m diametre to any depth using electric and hydraulic equipment.
Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

  • A diamond blade on a track mounted system that can be used for vertical, horizontal, and even inverted cuts. 
  • Can be used on steep surfaces or floors where it is not possible to use the road saws safely.
  • Mainly used for cutting precise openings for doorways windows and ventilation units. 
  • Can be used to make cuts up to 720mm deep - the applications for this saw are endless.
Hand Sawing & Ring Sawing

Hand Sawing & Ring Sawing

  • Used to cut small areas were a conventional road saw can not get to. 
  • Both mainly used to create or enlarge windows, doorways, or in electrical and plumbing applications
  • Saws available in petrol, hydraulic or electric
  • Cut up to 265mm deep
Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding

  • uses a flat disc powered by an electric motor so that fumes are never an issue 
  • used for smoothing concrete surfaces that have become rough through weather or issues during pouring. 
  • most commonly used to bring two unlevel surfaces back to the same height, thus avoiding trip hazards. 
  • can be done wet or dry


Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing

  • sealing of expansion joints in concrete is done quickly and precisely. 
  • silicon-based joint sealants are RMS approved for high movement areas. 
  • applications include highways, airports, workshop slabs and decorative concrete.


Soff Cutting

Soff Cutting

  • a system for early concrete sawing whilst the cement is still green and relatively soft. 
  • enables concrete to be cut within 1 to 2 hours after finish.
  • 25mm to 100mm deep


Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing


Concrete Scanning

We specialise in providing inspections to locate Services and Structural Elements up to 1.0m depth inside Concrete before Cutting and Core Drilling such as;

  • Post Tension Cables
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • The location of Structural Beams
  • Power, Data & Lighting Circiuts (including C-Bus Systems)
  • Emergency Speakers and Fire Control Circiuts
  • PVC and Metal Pipes

Hire Equipment

In addition to the concrete cutting services listed above, Nova-Cut is also able to arrange hire of the following equipment as optional extras to our concrete cutting services

  • Water vacs for slurry control. We take our commitment to the environment very seriously, and will take every measure to ensure that no mess is left behind.
  • Power Generators. Sometimes power may be unavailable or inaccessable, so if any such issues with power are a concern we can arrange alternative power supplies.
  • Water trucks. If the nearest water mains are too far away or will not handle the amount required to cut your concrete, we can supply our own water 

If any of these are required to do a job, we are happy to arrange the hire and take out the hassle of organising such equipment yourself. Please contact us for quotes on hiring these as part of a Novacut job